It was supposed to have been a simple birthday wish, a birthday wish to a special friend. But what followed thereafter was nothing short of a miracle. I have often wondered whether I had taken the right decision by pouring my thoughts on the social platform. Of course there were the usual good job responses. But I needed something more.
Writing always gave me creative satisfaction but sometimes you need more – your writing should touch the lives it was intended to. It should make a difference, change a life it is then and only then that your words have a meaning.
Trust me nothing else matters when you know that you have touched a persons’s heart through your writings and made him/her feel good. A simple birthday wish gave me more than what I bargained. It gave me the confidence to move forward and continue my relentless pursuit towards excellence in writing.

The response from the general audience was humongous. Maybe if you do things the way you ought to recognition will automatically follow. You just have to bide your time. But the best part – the post served as a sign from the almighty. A sign that I was on the right track.
PS: The best is yet to come.