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I have never been at loss of words before. When I sit down to write a review the words flow. But GRAVITY isn’t a movie. It’s a vision – a director’s vision. It takes extraordinary courage and conviction to make a movie of this magnitude with just 2 actors.
If AVATAR transported us to an unreal world. GRAVITY takes a step further and shows us what lies beyond in outer space. I have never been sucked into a movie before. But GRAVITY just pulled me in.
Some of the scenes left me speechless. The best part – the director gives us something which we could relate to – A stranded protagonist – in outer space. We all end up rooting for her – hoping that she would find her way back.
The plot – Two astronauts stranded in space and the events thereafter. The film has just two actors – two top notch actors I must say -SANDRA BULLOCK and GEORGE CLOONEY.
SANDRA BULLOCK – Now this is what I call an OSCAR worthy performance. I must confess I have been a huge fan since her SPEED days. There are times I have been disappointed with her choice of films. There were mediocre and cliched. For an actor with her range it was disappointing. Thankfully she seems to have found her bearings just in time. The major part of the film depends on her acting capability alone. She carries the film on her capable shoulders. The film belongs to her as much as it belongs to Alfonso Cuaron. Her vulnerability strikes a chord with the audience. We breathe for her and we travel with her as the movie moves along. To stand out in a movie which is visually breathtaking takes an extraordinary effort.  Well done Bullock – An Oscar beckons.
GEORGE CLOONEY – Another excellent casting – provides the vital sparks of inspiration and makes an impact in an extended cameo.
Lubezki’s cinematography is brilliant. It is often a the cinematographer’s role to give life to a director’s vision. Lubezki does that and gives us a visual marvel. I just hope he’s sixth time lucky. Another Oscar in the bag I guess.
Alfonso Cuaron – Having seen Y Tu Mama Tabien and Children of Men I knew the movie wasn’t going to be usual. But what unfolded on screen left me dumbstruck. There’s a whole lot more in the movie than what meets the eye. He takes an everyday life example and adds a different colour to it. I liked his subtle tributes to the various space movies made thus far. The best part though is the fact that he gives us a story of courage and hope. The fact that the movie has only 2 actors shows the director’s faith in his craft. He gives us a visual imagery which is a feast to the eyes. Hats off.
GRAVITY – An inspiring journey of courage and hope. Do watch it for SANDRA BULLOCK’s inspirational performance and the visual brilliance.
PS: Strictly in theatres only . If possible in IMAX or else the best theatre in ur  city. Nothing else would do justice to a film of this magnitude.





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  1. I have never been sucked into a movie before. But GRAVITY just pulled me in….damn true.. !!

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