Finally! It’s time for the grand finale. The perfect finish with the “SUPERSTAR” of our family. Technically speaking he shouldn’t be on the “COUSIN” list but I couldn’t finish it off without him. He’s adorable,he’s naughty and he’s the common “like” factor for all of us.
The name’s NATHAN – NATHANIEL FERNANDO. He’s the perfect example of the joys a kid can bring into a family. There’s nothing more disarming than a kid’s smile. A smile that forget all your worries and transports you to a different world. 
I have never taken to kids and vice versa maybe because there’s an inherent fear of letting go but with NATHAN it’s different. Nothing else matters the moment he utters DIPAK CHITTAPA( uncle ) absolutely nothing. He’s taken to me like a fish to water which is a surprise considering my not so great rapport with the kids in the past.
The best part though is the fact that he brings back “MEMORIES”. Memories of my own childhood. A “PRINCE” like childhood I must say. Visitors galore, being the star student at school, stealing cakes for my childhood crush. It all comes back. It also makes me re-think. Apart from the usual hurdles that life throws upon us it’s been a “BLESSED LIFE” thus far and for that I am eternally thankful to the ALMIGHTY.
Let the good Lord bless him and give him a 100 more years.