It was a pleasant surprise indeed! My very first post to BLOGADDA for the SPICY SATURDAY PICKS and it gets picked among the elite ones. To see my name appear alongside elite bloggers is a special feeling. It’s a small step and a sign of things to come.
I have heard that there bloggers who wait for many years to see their name displayed either for SPICY SATURDAY or TANGY TUESDAY picks. I have been fortunate to be recognized this early. I guess when you put in the required efforts the results begin to show.
WRITING to me is an art form – a travel into the mystical world of our thoughts. It’s turned into an irresistible passion and a daily routine. I just needed a platform to showcase what I am capable of. Thankfully for me the recognition has come earlier than anticipated.
Minor achievements like these serve as stepping stones in the long run. They often act as inspirational points for improvements. Maybe it’s a sign of things to come. Maybe it’s just a fleeting moment of glory. For now all that matters is that my name is on the list. It’s set the stage for what is follow.

The link to my published post. Do feel free to read and comment.