Why is it that some people get to live life king size while others are handed a somewhat mediocre existence. It just doesn’t seem right. It made me think. What is it that separates the so called successful people apart from the rest of the crowd ? What is the X factor that keeps them at the top for a prolonged period?
Is there a magic wand? Is there a pre-defined formula for success ? Let me try to keep it simple. There is often a direct relationship between COMPLAINING and SUCCESS.  Confused right. Most people talk about effort, handwork etc. But COMPLAINTS? This is new right? Let me clarify.
There is often a general tendency among mankind to complain, to blame it on circumstances. More often than not it is merely an excuse to stop trying. When pushed to a corner they just give up and confine themselves to a shell. And that’s the end for most of us.
If you look back at the life of those who have achieved there’s often a common pattern. It’s not that they don’t undergo hardships. They do. But they always find a way to work through tough times. There’s a NO COMPLAINTS – NO REGRETS motto which keeps them going. For them all of this is part of a big LEARNING CURVE. 
So what’s stopping you. STOP COMPLAINING and START LIVING. Have a PURPOSE. Set a TARGET. It’s never too late to make a start.