There’s always something endearing about good animation flicks that makes them so endearing. It tugs your heart, makes you feel good and more often than not leave a mark with a impressive message. THE CROODS is one such film.
What makes THE CROODS work is its striking resemblance to real life characters. The over- protective father, the loving mom, the kid looking for a space of her own, the one who’s afraid to take risks, the naughty granny and the picture perfect handsome young man. All of us would have come across atleast one such character in our every day life.
The Premise – The daughter looking to break free from the chains of an over-protective father. Along the way we get a peek at our past – how it might have been and how it’s actually turned out. There’s something for everyone which makes it a near perfect film,
Finally a hit for Nicholas Cage. After a string of average films this voice over role could turn out to be a major boost for an under-par career. Another feather in the cap for Emma Stone and Ryan Renoylds.
Chris Sanders – a master in making good animated flicks delivers with yet another feel good film. Thumbs up for the direction.
THE CROODS – A feel good family adventure!
RATING 4.5/5