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It’s been 5 years…5 long years since I last brought a mobile phone. I am still in love with my NOKIA N82. I never feel like letting it go. It’s all battered and bruised but still it’s become an inseparable part of my life. There’s something about old stuff that makes you turn nostalgic.
I bought it when Nokia was a market leader and the N Series was a trend. Somehow I never felt that Nokia would lose it’s grip in the market. Alas how times times change! Cell Phones no longer have keyboards. Androids are the in thing and it’s all about touch and there’s a new name too – THE SMARTPHONE.
Nokia is no longer the market leader. SAMSUNG and SONY are fighting for the top spot in the mid price range while IPHONE holds the coveted position in the higher end market.
I guess it’s time for a successor – a worthy successor. All I am looking for is a good camera, call clarity some good music and a reasonable battery life. I have never been an apps person and I guess I will never be. I don’t want to shell out too much money on a mobile probably 15- 18K that’s my budget.
Which mobile to buy? The search continues.SUGGESTIONS from READERS are welcome.






  1. If you have had a nokia for so long its very difficult to adjust to an android phone. Nokia lumia series is good, you can surely check it out. My vote is for a samsung, its really user friendly and every bit worth the cost.

  2. I have been using an windows phone for a year now and been happier than I was with android – that's an honest feedback. The only thing that I miss here is the unicode support. But other than that it's near perfect.

  3. How abt Sony Xperia… Any idea…

  4. Thanks for the feedback…

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