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Finally it’s a 100.. A hundred is a big number. A milestone in more ways than one. When you consider the fact that I didn’t even think of my putting my thoughts into writing until a couple of years ago a 100 seems to be a pretty good number.. Even Sachin’s worth is measured by the number of centuries.
A milestone means a special post. What should I write about? Should it be family? I guess that can wait.. or should it be SHIRLEY or HARPRIYA or my male buddies. Even that seems a little odd.  Should it be Mystery Girl.. ?  Is it time to reveal her name..?  Nah the time is just not right.
Oh wait.. There’s one person. The person who started it all…SRIVIDHYA…  Yeah I am a little biased when it comes to her. But I guess she deserves it for the way she changed my life. She’s helped me through my toughest periods and transformed me into what I am today.
She’s brought a sense of sanity to an otherwise to an otherwise muddled journey. Sometimes I wonder how my life would have turned out if it had not been for her. Maybe there would have been someone else but I am so glad it’s her.
She’s my Miss Reliable the one who does it all with an evergreen smile on her face. She never ceases to surprise me. For now it’s jewels. Not sure what’s next. Whatever it is I am damn sure it will turn out well.
I can pretty demanding at times but she’s taken it in her stride and given me more than what I  bargained for when we started off as friends.  She’s accepted me despite the fact that I was different and given me something which I needed in huge doses – HOPE. A hope that things are gonna to turn out just fine.
Though we are no longer a part of each other’s lives.  I have no regrets. Until the time my very own PRINCESS comes along she will always remain my ideal person a very good friend and well-wisher. God bless and give her a 100 reasons to smile and stay happy. 
PS: I am still a huge fan and will always be!





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  1. The big numbers, we shouldn't bother about them etc etc is always put into our minds but then an achievement is achievement, its immaterial whether it is big or small. Century has and always been called a big number, 100 posts is not a joke. Writing a blog is not a joke, its surely an achievement. We at Athenastake stand by you in your achievement and wish you many many more centuries and happiness.

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