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It was another ordinary day or so I thought until.. It started off the usual way. Me waking up at 6 AM to complete my daily blogging ritual. And then the mad rush starts.. The rush to office. The same old route using the same old mode of transportation.. SHARE AUTO.
The traffic was at it’s peak even I curse myself.. Oh God not again. The vehicle moves at a snail’s pace. I wasn’t sure what the day held for me. But it sure was a bad start. I reach my destination and start walking towards my office.. It is then I hear a VOICE from behind.. A familiar long lost voice of an old college mate.
Oh my.. This was a pleasant surprise..  I couldn’t believe my eyes.. It was SHAFI.. MOHAMED SHAFI.. We have long wanted to catch up but not in my wildest dreams did I imagine such a chance meet. “It’s so good to see you here” It felt so good to hear him utter these words. 
We chat for a few minutes just like old times. That was more than sufficient to make my day. We take leave of each other with a promise of a planned meet. Even as walk back unwillingly my eyes become moist. Oh the good old days with the promise of a great future.. Our tour days together. Everything comes back in a flash.
How I wish I could travel back in time. That chance meet was all that was needed to transform an awful day into a pretty good one.  Sometimes it’s moments like these that matter.
PS : All’s well that ends well.





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  1. Moments like these are rare but then when they happen they give us a new reason to strive and lead our boring or stressful lives. God bless friends who come like a wisp of fresh air and clear our minds, thoughts and tensions.

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