Salesh Dipak Fernando


Who said dreams don’t come true… DR. KEVIN FERNANDO. There’s always a sense of pride when I say that..To be frank it is yet to sink in. To even think that all this would not have been possible if not for one man’s dream. A relentless pursuit chasing an almost impossible dream.
I guess I will have to travel back in time to explain the significance. My Dad denied a doctor seat because he didn’t have a mere 8000 rupees. 8000 was big money those days.. To even think most of us fritter us this amount in unnecessary luxuries these days. A dream gets shattered… Resigned to fate he becomes a CA.. That he became a damn good auditor is another story altogether.
Cut back to the present 5 years prior to the big day. The dream takes a whole new meaning. My younger sibling expresses interest in pursing medicine. There’s a deep desire within but money was going to be a big hindrance. So he wants to opt for bio-tech instead.  But my father was one person who never gave up.
It was a clash of MONEY vs INTEREST. Eventually it was brother’s interest that mattered. All we needed was “I am there for your needs” assurance from dad to compose everyone.
The dream begins.. 5 years fly by just like that. The big day arrives. I wait for the name and the sound reverberates from the mike.. DR KEVIN FERNANDO. For one fleeting moment nothing as mattered. Mom was beaming even as I couldn’t stand in one place.
Sadly Dad isn’t there to see his dream come true. But his dream lives on. Maybe he is watching us from his heavenly abode. My bro has crossed the finish line even as I start chasing my very own dream.





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  1. Congrats, I cant imagine what a special moment that would have been. I am sure your name wouldn't have sounded that sweet ever before. 😀

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