I don’t know why this one took so long. Maybe because she can’t be fit into one single page or maybe because u don’t need words to express how much you care. I have known here since she was Ms Shirley Dabre.. We go a long way back… back to my days in DELOITTE.
It was my first day of stay at the hotel. I take the lift on my way to breakfast. A girl in green tops on the lift. She greets me with a customary HI.. I don’t greet her…Don’t take me wrong… I am not rude.. It’s just the usual shyness and being clumsy is second nature to me. The day passes by without too much fuss.
The second day – I see her again. She greets me again this time at the breakfast table. I muster up all the courage that I can and greet her back. That was all that was needed. From then till date we have remained as thick as ever through our own ups and downs.
Perhaps our simple family upbringing helped us see the goodness in each other. To accept me despite the person that I was takes a whole lot of guts. I have always admired her for accepting me as I am. She’s a constant reminder of God’s abundance. 
She’s the little sister that I never had. We always look for each other and more often than not we end up calling each other during times of distress.. Somehow it happens instinctively..And she remains one of the few  who can can actually read my mind. It surprises me at times but somehow she knows.
My only regret I wasn’t there in person when she became Mrs BRITTO… We live miles apart but the bond grows stronger day in and day out.
PS: I am yet to receive my gift from ROME!