For a change let me start with the end… I do know it might spoil the suspense but the whole essence of the film lies in how it finishes. Yeah the critics hated it but it is just one of those films which is just for the common audience.
The story has all the typical Nicholas Sparks elements – A girl with a troubled past – A handsome young man who serves as the night in shining armour for the damsel in distress. It’s all so typical. Despite the sameness the movie has it’s own endearing appeal.
Julianne Hough and Josh Duhamel deliver what is required but I felt the chemistry between the two could have been better. The less said of David Lyons the better. The real surprise element of the film is Cobie Smulders as Jo the leading man’s late wife. She shines through in an otherwise cliched script and holds the film together as one whole piece. She’s the mystery and she’s the answer.
Lasse Hallstrom’s adaptation leaves a lot to be desired. Despite all it’s flaws the film works just because of the twist at the end.  All of us love a rosy climax and all have of us look for guidance from someone we love. A miracle from above. And the film leaves us with a lot of hope and contentment and therein lies it’s appeal.
I do know some might hate this one. But I loved it!
PS : I now understand why the female fraternity loves Nicholas sparks.