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After the gigantic success of THUPPAKI the expectations for this one was really high. But the start gives you a fair idea of what is to come. It seems like Director A.L Vijay has done another Ctrl + C job various Don movies. If only we had more stringent laws for plagiarism!
The premise offers nothing new. A common man becoming a leader a for the masses. A one-liner which could have been awe -inspiring. But the director seems to be content in giving the audience a mediocre copy of SARKAR and SARKAR RAJ.
VIJAY as Viswa – A dancer in Australia who doesn’t know his father is a Don. To think that it is possible to be remotely disconnected with what is happening at the other side is downright ridiculous. The first half is tailor made for Vijay- that of dancer. It’s the latter half that is a downer. He rarely fits into the shoes of a leader. A case of classic miscasting. A half-backed effort.  Amala Paul has little to do except to look pretty. SANTHANAM does the usual job keeping it lively with his one-liners. 
It is the veterans who actually make the film watchable. Sathyaraj, Ponvannan and Y.G Mahendra have put in an honest effort in roles of varying degrees of importance. The songs are a one time listen. 
Director A.L Vijay seems to be a master in stealing from others work. Right from POI SOLLA POROM till date his scripts lack originality. Wake up director sir it’s time to think on your own. A very big thumbs down.
RATING – 1/5





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  1. And y does all Vijay's movie climax has to end up with a fight with the Villain… Nice review same thumbs down for this movie.

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