I do know I might get brickbats for this one. But let me be frank this is the nth time this is happening and trust me this will not be last. As long as there are men who continue to treat women as objects of lust shameless acts like the RAPE in MUMBAI will be a recurring phenomenon. Remember this is just one of many which has come to light.
Where’s the fault ?  What’s the best remedy ..?  The fault lies with us as much as it lies with beasts who torture innocent women . Where’s the courage to question something which is morally wrong? The courage to stand up to a legal system which has a faulty premise. A legal system which waits for things to happen to make an amendment. 
We all need to stand up and question on behalf of one of our own. As responsible citizens of a country which celebrates womanhood it is our fundamental right to do so. I do agree human life is valuable but animals who torture women just do not deserve their place on this earth.
I guess the best solution in such cases is FEAR…..FEAR of DEATH. The fear that any wrongdoing against women will not go unnoticed.  The beasts just need to be shot till they breathe their last or better still shoot off their private parts. 
The irony is all of this will remain mere wishful thinking until justice prevails!