This movie is a perfect example of how to make a perfectly muddled sequel with miscast actors. How else would you explain casting AKSHAY KUMAR to fill the shoes of EMRAAN HASHMI or IMRAN KHAN as the protégée. Neither does SONAKSHI fit in as a damsel worth fighting over.
The plot itself left a lot to be desired. While the PREQUEL promised much the sequel doesn’t follow suit. There was just so much which could have been explored instead MILAN LUTHRIA chooses to dwell on the love life of DON Shoaib. A gangster fighting over a girl when he could pretty much make any girl in town fall at his feet. You must be kidding?
Akshay Kumar – It’s ok to go in for star power but to cast a star in a role tailor made for another is plain blunder. If only Emraan Hashmi had returned. Atleast Akshay makes an attempt. Imran Khan doesn’t even look the part. There’s just too much sweetness visible on his face which makes the whole part meaningless. Even Sonakshi disappoints after a great performance in Lootera. The soundtrack was just about average.
After compelling films like Dirty Picture and Once Upon a Time in Mumbai. Luthria  disappoints with a mediocre sequel. Hopefully this is just a slip up.
RATING – 1.5/5