How do you review a film which is meant for the masses? I guess I will have to alternate between being a critic and a common audience. Considering the publicity and promotions which were done for the movie a huge opening was guaranteed. And that is what happened. The timing was just perfect. ( Eid and for a change no SALMAN )
The plot – Oh I forgot it doesn’t have any. It seemed more like a Ctrl + C from various southern movies. MUTHU, PITHAMAGAN, GILLI to  name a few. The film just meanders from being mindless fun in the first half to being overly sentimental in the latter part leading to a predictable climax. Despite it’s flaws there are a few factors which make the film work. 
The SRK Charisma – I have been a bit disappointed with SRK’s choice of films lately. I am a firm believer that a star should stick to what he does best. Thankfully SRK is back again playing RAHUL for the nth time. The charm, the typical SRK stammer it’s all there for diehard fans which means a tick in the right box.
DEEPIKA PADUKONE – After a series of intense roles she’s back again playing the typical damsel in distress. She looks pretty alright but wish someone worked on her Tamil accent and her attire. For someone playing a Tamil girl the above mentioned factors left a lot to be desired. Her star value does work though which means another plus.
SATHYARAJ – Here’s one actor who stands tall despite all the mindless chaos. He does a neat job delivering what is required.
MUSIC – The soundtrack is appealing and just adds more colour to the proceedings. My fav – the TITLI track.
ROHIT SHETTY – They call him the president of the 100 crores. He sure knows how to reach the masses. But still the accent and the costumes left a lot to be desired. Thankfully the humour is much more toned down when compared to his earlier films. But why bring SUPERSTAR RAJNIKANTH into all this….Oh why…?
The movie is fun alright but obvious question is whether it warrants a 3 Idiots like success? 
CHENNAI EXPRESS – Another leave ur brains at home entertainer.
RATING 2.5/5