Even as I sit down to write this I still can’t get over the impact this film left on me. Being a Dhanush fan I was mildly apprehensive of him doing a Bollywood film. Seldom has Bollywood accepted someone who’s dark skinned and raw. There is a pre-defined criteria to be a Hindi film hero – to be fair and ooze class. But here was someone who didn’t fit into the standard Bollywood template. 
In a way the title gives away the film’s basic premise. A guy giving his all for his lady love. We have seen this over the years in many films n number of times. So what’s different? The film’s USP lies in the way the three leads are portrayed. Neither of them are good or bad. They all show their shades of grey at different points in the film. All three of them have their moments of weakness and end up committing blunders which alter their life.
Dhanush – His intensity and effort shines through the film. He gives a top notch performance and carries the film on his own. Another star in his already impressive film career. Another actor who has bridged the North- South divide. In his father in law’s foot steps i guess.
Sonam gives a much improved performance when compared to her earlier films but there’s still a huge scope for improvement if she has to make it to the top. Abhay Deol is impressive in a short cameo.
But the real surprise package was Swara Bhaskar as Bindya.  Radiant and expressive she holds her own throughout the film. If ever there was a reason to watch the film again and again it’s her. A charming performance!
It is often said music elevates a film. The MOZART of MADRAS A.R Rahman scores with this one. An impressive sound track that complements the film.
Anand L Rai follows up TANU weds MANU with another good film. A good follow up. Liked the brutal honesty in his storytelling. The end could have been better though.
RAANJHANAA – The best of the year thus far!
Rating 4/5