It was just one of those days when everything was just picture perfect. Saying that I have yearned for days like this before would be an understatement. Days like these don’t come too often. Maybe once or twice a year that too limited to special festivals when people around you are buzzing with happiness.
It was supposed to have been one of those ordinary days at office. I guess the unexpected happens when you least expect it. It started off with the cab driver. Despite a long night at work he was unusually chirpy and smiling. And then came the same old office or so I thought.
There were smiles all around and people greeted me like never before. Am I in heaven.. ? Is it my birthday..? Nope that was a month ago…  This was something unusual. I am used to people staring but everyone greeting me and wishing me luck. Everybody seemed to wear a smile. Has the world turned upside down? It did seem so. 
And then comes training. The trainer was a familiar face someone who I knew right from day one. It was fun alright. As the training went on there was just one name echoing through the whole room.. SALESH SALESH SALESH.. Oh my why is everyone so obsessed with me today.. Compliments galore.. I am in a daze.. Let me savour the moment.
I realized something as the day was coming to a closure. It’s actually a blessing to be different. Not everybody gets a chance to stand out among the crowd. Of course there are gonna to be wagging tongues But you can’t please everybody. Always remember there’s still enough warmth in this world to make your life beautiful.