Finally! Oh yeah finally it’s about my Mom. Most people ask me why I keep harping about my Dad all the time while the mother part seems non existent. How do you write about someone who’s a lovable constant? Where do I find the right words…?
Mom and me – It’s typical TOM and JERRY stuff. We have been like this for years… Even after Dad left us to his heavenly abode. Though it’s annoying at times. Most of the times it’s jolly good fun. We just have too much fun fighting.
We have been through all the hardships together. Right now she’s one of the major factors which keep me going despite the odds being against me. She’s managed to retain her innocence despite everything that has happened. I do believe there’s a whole lot of steely resolve hidden beneath.
She’s one hell of a cook. If u have an appetite for food she’s the go to person. From Italian Pasta to Indian Biryani.. You can ask anything you want.. It will be done in a matter of minutes. And weekends mean experiments with a whole lot of recipes. I am just plain lucky.
She’s still unconditional and caring. I don’t think I would have been the same if I were in her shoes. I guess that’s the best part of being a mother. Being a mother is probably the best role offered to a WOMEN.. We often take our Moms for granted but they are always there when we need them.