Is being good alone sufficient? I do know it’s a topic which is discussed often. There are n number of quotes pointing out that only the smart survive. The world itself has turned into one big market place where profit becomes the ultimate motive. The one single word that seems to rule the whole world”MONEY”.
Even I say an AMEN to that. But that alone cannot be sufficient. I guess all of us are in one big fight for survival that we fail to look at the wonderful things that life holds for us. If necessary press the rewind button. Who knows it might unlock the inherent goodness that exists within.
Maybe a random act of kindness… Maybe reaching out to people in the spur of the moment. That can serve inspirational for a fulfilling life ahead. More often than not acts of goodness tend to have a ripple effect. It can bring about a positive change even to people around you.
If people seem to be racing ahead. Let them. Never panic. Live your life your way making sure touch people’s life along the way coz in the end that’s the only thing which matters…