Sometimes life seems to be an eternal struggle even as I try to wriggle myself from an impossible situation. How did I get into this mess in the first place? An unwanted twist of fate or should I say an untimely death.  My Pa… I look for that fatherly figure everywhere. Alas it’s just an illusion.
Where is the empathy that I yearn for? All I see around me are fake smiles. Where is that helping hand that I desperately seek? Can someone help me get to the finish life? Questions, questions and more questions…. The answer column seems blank.
I still don’t belong to the socially acceptable norm of a human being. Is being different that bad.. ? I am losing sleep.. Time’s flying by and I am still at the starting point. Everybody seem to be in a mad rush to race to the top. As Charles Darwin said only the best survive.
Oh wait it’s not over yet. There just seems to be a glimmer of hope. I am not finished just a yet. It’s time for the Phoenix to rise again. Time for the caterpillar to evolve into a butterfly to spread it’s wings.  Let them rush while I bide my time. In the end all that matters is a strong finish.