just couldn’t resist. She deserves this one for the way she changed my life.  Some people come just come and go. While some just stay making a permanent impression. She’s one of them.
It was another familiar induction. I have gone through all of this before. Oh no not again.. It seemed liked history was repeating itself. I rarely notice her for the first couple of days. Not my fault though it all seemed stale and repetitive. It’s the third day. And then it happened
A moment forever etched in memory. I glance across the training room. She flashed that trademark chubby smile of hers even as I travelled back in time. She reminded me of someone I already knew. Memories come rushing back.That fateful day in Deloitte. Right then I knew things were gonna change for the better.
She’s a constant reminder of why life is such a beautiful blessing. We still don’t know each other completely. I am not even sure if she understands why she’s a “SPECIAL” part of my life. But it hardly matters. There’s always that genuine warmth and care for each other. I guess it’s more than sufficient to keep a good friendship going.
HAPPIE BIRTHDAY! May all ur wishes and dreams come true.. Keep rocking… Have a wonderful life.. May God bless you with bright times ahead.
PS: Never ever lose that million dollar smile of yours. It’s a keeper