Finally! A Suriya film that lives up to the hype. Even though Singam was a blockbuster I found it a little underwhelming. Thankfully Singam 2 does justice to the stardom that Suriya enjoys. Hari just lays out a typical commercial template which the audience enjoy and it works.
The story starts off with Duraisingam as an NCC officer. We find out why as the film unfolds. A typical formula of cop vs goons story which we have seen in numerous films. Though Duraisingam doesn’t possess the flair of SAAMY nor the charisma of an ALEX PANDIYAN he makes up for it with his earnestness.
This is an out and out Suriya film and he carries the entire film on his reliable shoulders. The intensity and the effort put in is visible on screen. He has two comedians for company VIVEK and SANTHANAM. As expected Vivek gets sidelined leaving Santhanam to take centre stage. And he does fair job as always. Hopefully it doesn’t get stale.
Anushka and Hansika are reduced to being mere eye candies. The film has 3 villains and all of them are caricatures we have seen The songs by DSP are a big let down and give a heard before feel. time and again. You need a Prakashraj to make even caricatures believable.
Director Hari sure knows how to make a racy entertainer. The film’s pace never slows down despite the length of the film which is close to three hours. It’s good that Hari has struck to what he knows.
Singam 2 – A typical commercial pot-boiler!
Rating: 3.5/5