DDLJ – To me this was the film that defined Shahrukh’s image through the 90’s. It made him the eternal lover boy and earned him his large female fan following. I still remember the first time I watched this film. Way back in 90’s in my cousin’s place when I was just a 10 year old kid. What impressed me were the songs and Kajol’s lovely eyes.

I have watched it n number of times since then. It is a truly path breaking film in every sense. Before DDLJ came into the picture. Every other romantic film had a theme where the young lovers would revolt against the stubborn parents. But DDLJ was different. For once the lover boy comes back to his native  to win over his father in law’s heart and take his girl away. This very plot served as CTRL + C option for many more similar films in the years to come.
The screen name RAJ became a synonym for Shahrukh. Both the leads are adorable as RAJ and SIMRAN. The chemistry between them was just awesome so much so that they became the screen couple of the 90’s. The film also served as a launch pad for Aditya Chopra’s career as a director. The songs by JATIN LALIT was just about perfect to the mood of the film. 
Everything about the film is irresistible. The perfect chemistry,scenic foreign locales, awesome songs and some memorable scenes all warranted repeated viewing. No wonder it’s the longest running film in Indian History.
PS: I still love KAJOL’s lovely eyes!