NERAM – Another small film.. Another flourishing finish.. What is it about small films that makes them really endearing? Perhaps it is the simplicity in narration. Neram is one such film. Over the past couple of years smaller films have found an acceptance among the wider audience which is a really healthy trend.

We have seen before how fortunes change in a matter of minutes. NERAM deals with this one line narrative. Nivin Pauly gives a good performance as an individual desperately seeking a change in fortune. Nazriya Nazim – the debutante is cute and does what is expected of her. SIMHAA is mighty impressive in his first turn as villain. An interesting follow up to SOODHU KAVUM. 
The film boasts of a stellar supporting cast. Thambi Ramaiah seems to be on a roll these days. Another top notch performance by him. It’s so refreshing to see Charlie back on screen as well. An underrated but natural actor.Nasser is hilarious in his cameo. The rest of the cast see to it that the flow is not disturbed.
A worthy directorial effort by Alphonse Putharen.  The story is neatly packaged and briskly paced. Kudos to the director for a well made film. Even the songs help the film move forward. Rajesh Murugeshan gives you an album that is pleasing to the ears.
 PS: The PISTAH song is the perfect icing on the cake.