HEMU…I don’t think all this writing stuff would be possible without him. He urges me on day in and day out like a true friend would so much so that he’s turned my writing into a passion.
We weren’t think back in our college days and it was entirely my own fault or perhaps my inherent nature to stick to the circle that I was comfortable. I wasn’t SALESH during those days. I was famous by my other name – Z – 211. Everybody knew me as 211. Oh God! That number struck with  me till the very end.
I knew Hemu only through our mutual friend and one of my best pals SURESH. In a class of 70 it was difficult to keep in touch. I sat at one end while he was at the opposite side and I was a bit too closed to let anyone enter my world. We didn’t talk much except for occasional hi’s. College ended.
And then it happened just like that. Dad passed away and he stood by me offering me the comfort that I needed. Watching my every move and encouraging my every step. I started blogging just to divert my attention and there he was giving positive feedback and urging me to continue. Writing has brought us together and created a strong bond. 
He’s an avid biker and a very practical. I guess those pearls of wisdom that he spits out time and again comes from his own personal experiences.
PS: I still have fond memories of our college trip where we had a blast together. Me, Hemu, Shafi, and Sadhu.