Who doesn’t love MARIO .. It’s a favorite for anyone who started playing video games back in the 90’s.. Those were the times when we really had fun watching Mario defeat Bowser and save Princess Peach. The graphics and music were so simple and adorable. And the best part there was no video game cassette which didn’t have Mario. Mario became an integral part of the video game world.
More often than not our life turns out to be just like the lovely game that Mario was. All of us are involved in one big mad rush towards our ambition. Our journey too starts in a similar pattern to that of Mario. Maybe there will be hurdles along the way. There are gonna to be thousands of Bowser’s along the way who want to pull us down. But our true challenge lies in how we get up and fight back. 
God is one hell of a planner though. Even though he puts in hurdles along the way. He also shows you people who are willing to help you reach your goal just like those power ups you get just when you think the game’s gonna end.
More often than not you have to be like a kid who plays the game again and again until he masters it. Work towards your goal. Master it till your best in your skill set. Who knows! Your princess peach might just be waiting!