Ah… It’s here … finally here after a long wait – The trailer of actor Vijay’s much awaited Thalaivaa..( Leader ) It makes me wonder. How many times have we seen this before. A common man becoming the leader of a community. I have watched the trailer n number of times already and it seems like a mirror image of Vijay’s political ambitions.  
A trailer which gives an indication of Vijay’s next move  Sample this – Thailvangrathu namma thedi pora vishyam illa namala thedi vara vishyam. ( The opportunity to lead comes to those who are born to be a LEADER ).  Ennala evangaluku enna enna kuduka mudiyumnu theriala aana ennala mudichadha kudupen. ( I don’t know what to give to these people but I will give whatever I can.)
Vijay’s back to what he does best making a movie for his hardcore fans. Though even I have to admit he’s becoming increasingly stylish with each passing film.  The trailer also has a scene which has been ctrl +c’d from the Telugu film Nayaak which also means LEADER.
With Director Vijay at the helm expect the cinematography and songs to be top notch. Vijay’s mass image, Amala’s glam quotient and the Santhanam  factor might just make the film work at the box office. Watch out for powerful performances from SATHYARAJ and Y.G Mahendra.
Fingers crossed ! Happie Birthday Vijay…Ethuna thadava boss Baasha padatha thirupi edupinga ( How many times will you remake Super Star Rajinikanth’s Baasha )