ST LUKE’S – The church which has become an integral and almost inseparable part of my religious life. I have watched it grow from a small church to one big family. My school days started in the same premises. Those were the days when we used to enjoy walking from church to home and vice versa. It was almost a daily routine and it was fun. 
I mastered my English over there under Sister Bona and her trusted allies or should I say teachers. Those were the most wonderful days of my school life when life was just one big bed of roses. Wish there was a rewind button.
The church itself was just starting to grow under Father Dominic. A small church back then with a few loyal patrons. But as the saying goes if God wants he can turn a small crowd into a huge multitude and that is what happened. Father Micheal Raj became Parish Priest. He had years on his side when he started and he was a good administrator as well. It was under him the church really started to flower. He transformed it into a big community with God’s aid.
And then the baton passed to Father Gregory. I find him distinct in a good way. He wants to do things differently. I like his intensity. He wants to make sure God’s Word reaches people in the right way. All the efforts that he puts in with the monthly quizzes and stuff to  ensure that the parishioners really understand their role within the church.
In a way my timeline is similar to that of the church.  We grew up together walking with God. The journey will continue and the legacy will pass to another deserving person. All of us travel with one common purpose. Attaining oneness with God.