Ravindra Jadeja or should I say Sir Ravindra Jadeja.. From a nobody to a Superstar. I agree even I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly he’s raised his game so much so that he’s become Dhoni’s go to man. He gives Dhoni the cushion that he needs by juggling in as an all-rounder.
He’s not one of those big names of Indian cricket but he quietly does what is required. The way he bowls is no secret he’s neither got the doosra or the carrom ball. He does not turn the ball much. Just keep it simple bowl a straight line and wait for the batsmen to make mistakes. That’s his mantra.
While batting he provides the much needed impetus late in the innings. And more often than not it works. Along with Raina and Dhoni he can give the innings the flourish that it requires. With captain cool backing him to the hilt I can forsee bright times ahead for Ravindra Jadeja. He may not be a Kallis but Jadeja is definitely the Lance Klusner of India. Just like how the 1999 World Cup had Lance Klusner written all over it this Champion’s trophy is Jadeja’s centrestage
There are jokes floating around that for Sir Jadeja nothing is impossible. At the present moment it seems so. He can do no wrong. Everything he touches turns to gold. He just has to be in the playing eleven the rest will fall in place by itself.