I keep scratching my head.. Whom should I write about next.. ? Whose still left… ?  Then it strikes like a flash of lightning. Why not try something different ? All this while it’s been about people who have made a striking impact in my life one way or the other. For once why not keep it simple. Some relationships are just meant to be simple and sweet.
Ah! IRENE FERNANDO… The style queen of our gang. Atleast that’s how I call her. She just knows how to stand out among the crowd. She can be flashy at times but maintain that simple girl next door nature when she has to. Not many girls know how to maintain a balance between the two. But she does it admirably well.And she has this uncanny ability to lighten up the mood with her earthly charm.
Of course we know we know very little of each other’s personal life except for the occasional online chats and meets during family functions.  But there is always the underlying warmth and care for each other. I guess that’s sufficient to keep a relationship going. 
Shall I end the series here. Oh wait there’s one more person. The SUPERSTAR of our family. The one person fit to give it the perfect ending. He’s everybody’s favourite. Who is he? Just wait and see.
PS:  It is with great difficulty I settled in for a photo for this particular article.
She looks great in almost all of her pics