Shikhar Dhawan – The heir to Sehwag’s throne. I think so. In a very short period he’s shown everybody what he’s capable of. He’s inherited Sehwag’s fearlessness but unlike him Dhawan’s not throwing his wicket away when he has the bowlers at his mercy which is a good sign. 

But what has impressed me the most so far is his footwork. While Sehwag’s game was purely based on his hand -eye coordination and Dhawan seems to move his feet a lot once he settles in. He’s also prepared to grind and leave the bad balls unlike his predecessor who went hell for leather from ball one which cost him his wicket on numerous occasions much to the frustration of the viewing public and his very own team mates.
I came across an article which said that Dhawan wanted to quit cricket. Thank God he didn’t otherwise we would have lost another precious talent. He’s shown he’s got the style and the game to play at the highest level. The only question that still lingers “Will he be able to sustain himself in the longer run”? Only time will tell. 
Bowlers will eventually work him out. His ultimate success will lie on how he improvises his game after that. His start reminds me of a famous Indian captain Saurav Ganguly – the man who re-shaped India’s destiny. He started out with a flourish in England. Though his captaincy was top notch he faded as a batsman once the Aussies found out his weakness against the short ball. Let’s hope this is not the case with Dhawan.
For now let Dhawan bask in his new found glory. Time is on his side. Let’s enjoy the proud twirling of the moustache by our very own Rowdy Rathore.
PS: His 187 against the Aussies is one of the most breathtaking innings I have seen recent times.