There are two kinds of people those who quit even when there is a minor hurdle in their path and those who force their way through obstacles to emerge triumphant at the finish line. This one belongs to the latter. CHHAVI RAJAWAT  – I do agree I haven’t seen her in person but she’s just one of those everyday inspirations you need to remind you that life is beautiful and the world is still a better place to live in.
SODA – A tiny village near Jaipur sans the basic amenities. I have a first experience of how it would be coming from a village myself. There was a time when no house had a toilet. All that has changed now thankfully. From what I have heard and seen even SODA was the same before Chhavi took charge as sarpanch.
It takes a whole lot of guts to give up a rewarding career to take charge of a tiny village. It meant taking the road less travelled. Not many of us do that. Every big transformation

happens through small changes. She did it in her own way touching the lives of people in every small way she could. Along the way she’s had to fight off people who had material interests. My question is. If she can why can’t you?

It isn’t necessary that all of take her path. But we can make a difference in our own small way by reaching out and touching the lives of people we meet in our everyday lives.