Oh yes even I agree Salman’s the reigning king of Bollywood but there was a time when the Baadshah was unstoppable playing the lover boy churning out hits in his own inimitable style. But there is one film which left a lasting impression on my mind – RAB NE BANA DI JODI.
This is one film which I never tired of watching. I have already watched it n number of times and will probably watch it again just for one simple reason – The film has it’s heart in the right place. It does start out slow with Surinder being forced to marry Tani due to circumstances. But as the story moves you can’t help but empathize with Surinder’s plight.
The film dwells on something which is a very rare quality these days – Unconditional love. Surinder just devotes himself completely to his lady love while Tani looks for love elsewhere. And then he wears a mask. The mask that hides his true personality and Tani ends up falling for that.
I guess this is true in most of our cases. We all end up wearing a mask sometimes even towards people we love. We need the mask sometimes as an access point. But the best thing is it stops there. Beyond a point it’s our true self which will hold us good in the long run.
Tani eventually realizes where her heart lies and that is the ultimate triumph of the film. She chooses simplicity over gloss. Being ordinary isn’t bad after all. Even ordinary middle class people do have happy endings.
Shah Rukh gives in a top notch performance as the restrained Surinder and Anushka Sharma impresses in a cute role. The songs play their part in enhancing the film especially the title track. The film does lack logic though. How come the wife never recognizes her husband sans the spectacles. But when story is just refreshingly heartwarming who cares about logic
PS : The scene where he re appears as Surinder during the dance competition finals is one of my favorite scenes ever.