I know this one’s a bit late… But better late than never.. Neeraj Pandey’s strength lies in taking a leaf out of true life events and building a premise around it. He did in A WEDNESDAY and he does it again with SPECIAL 26. Based on the true story of the famous OPERA HOUSE heist the film is gripping and holds your attention till the very end.
The plot – A group of conmen posing as CBI officials raid houses of wealthy individuals. A simple one liner presented in a convincing way. Akshay Kumar – Oh boy he can act no doubt.. It’s so good to see a restrained Akshay Kumar sans all the mindless action. One does wish he chooses more such roles in the future. 
Anupam Kher proves to be the perfect partner in crime for Akshay Kumar. He’s one actor who never disappoints and he gives in a stellar performance once again as P.K Sharma. He brings in the right emotions at the right time. Do watch out for his reactions during the police interrogation.. It’s just top notch.
Manoj Bajpai as officer Waseem Khan gives another impressive performance. An understated but effective portrayal. Jimmy Shergill and Divya Dutta fit their roles perfectly. Kudos for the admirable casting.
The only sore point in an otherwise engaging story is the love track between Kajal Aggarwal and Akshay Kumar. Kajal’s role stands apart like a sore thumb.. A half etched and needless love track.
Neeraj Pandey does a brilliant job in sustaining the tempo till the final heist. If A Wednesday left u with a lump on your throat. Special 26 will have you questioning the fragility of our country’s security system… Sadly it still remains the same where people get robbed in broad daylight… Will there be a solution in place? I do hope so…