There are hundreds of films which stick to the conventional pattern of film making. And these films do tend to find acceptance with the masses. But once in a blue moon you come across films which break the norm in every single way. SOODHU KAVVUM is one such film. The film is hilarious, extremely funny and keeps you guessing till the very end.
The premise itself is extremely refreshing, a funny take on kidnapping. The plot focuses on a small time kidnapper DAS and the hilarious consequences faced by him and his gang after they attempt to kidnap the minister’s son.
VIJAY SETHUPATHY – The current flavour of Tamil Cinema and a boon to short film makers. He does a splendid job as DAS the kidnapper. Nowhere in the film does he remind you of a typical hero and therein lies his USP. Another feather in his cap after PIZZA and NKPK. Hope this success streak continues.
The supporting cast does a great job in complementing the hero. Simhaa, RJ Ramesh Tilak and Ashok Selvan leave u in splits most of the time. The trio gets to utter the cheekiest lines in the movie. All three of them impress you with their natural acting and raw energy. Sanchita Shetty does a neat job as the hero’s imaginary girlfriend.
Now to the two veterans MS BHASKAR and RADHA RAVI who represent two sides of the same coin. One a honest politician and another a party leader who is after money and fame. Two conflicting ideologies presented with a bit a satire. Needless to say it’s a cakewalk for both of them and they shine in their respective portrayals. 
Santhosh Narayanan’s music is perfectly in sync with the film’s overall mood especially the BGM
Nalan – I have been a big fan of Nalan since his Nalaya Iyakunar days and he proves his potential once again with SOODHU KAVVUM. He’s also the surprise element of the film as the minister’s son. His success as a director lies in not sticking to stereotypes. A job well done. Expecting a lot more.
SOODHU KAVVUM – Refreshing and Funny!