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I don’t understand this new found frenzy to remake CHETAN BHAGAT’s novels. The latest being Kai Po Che a screen adaptation of “THE THREE MISTAKES OF MY LIFE”.  When Kai Po Che released all the social networks were harping on the fact that it was a great film. But sadly I found it a little underwhelming.
The story works around the familiar terrain of 3 friends and their aspirations. Sushant Singh Rajput ,Amit Sadh and Raj Kumar Yadav play the three inseparable buddies. All three of them give top notch performances which holds up an otherwise fragile storyline. The real star of the film though is Amirta Puri who is endearing in her role as Vidya Bhatt. She brings in a certain vulnerability and depth which makes it work. 
I have never been a fan of Chetan Bhagat but I did like his “FIVE POINT SOMEONE”.  KAI PO CHE lacks the X factor which was evident all through 3 IDIOTS. Sometimes even when the basic premise is good if the soul is missing you end up a little let down. This is precisely how i felt after watching the movie.
The same story if presented with a little more conviction could have worked wonders. Who does’t like movie based on politics and cricket especially when it’s about mentoring a young protégée to becoming a complete cricketer. It’s like you have all the necessary ingredients to make a wonderful dish but somehow you end up messing it,
Abhishek Kapoor – expected a lot more from you after ROCK ON.
KAI PO CHE – Could have been better!






  1. I completely agree , it could have been better. In my opinion too Rock On was much better but in that case Abhishek Kapoor must have got help from Farhan Akhtar and Zoya Akhtar as i felt the touch of Dil Chahta hai in Rock on.Like you mentioned correctly all the main actors in this movie have done very well but the pace of the movie is slow and bonding between friends is not convincing , i mean they didn't look as if they are best buddies. In Spielberg style Abhishek Kapoor has tried to relate the life of main characters with main events happening in the country which again are not so great.

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  3. Same here, the only book I love from him is 5 point someone but I admire him a lot. Haven't seen the movie as I didn't like the book that much.

  4. Yup as I rightly mentioned it's a bit of a let down.

  5. Please don't watch you will be utterly disappointed

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