Of late Bollywood has churned out one crap movie after another with virtually no content. But once in a while there comes a film which leaves you wanting more. Jolly LLB is one such film. It has it’s heart in the right place and the film has a general feel good factor working for it. It takes on the tried and tested theme of David vs Goliath and presents it in just the right way.
The plot – A small time lawyer’s fight against the legal system thus taking on one of leading lawyers in the country.  It’s a breakthrough role for Arshad Warsi. It’s so good to see him break free of his Circuit image. As Jolly a small time lawyer who aims to make it big in the city he comes up with an admirable performance.I just hope he gets more such worthy roles in the future.
Boman Irani – A veteran who just gives his best in any role he plays irrespective of the plot As Rajpal a self indulgent, proud and greedy lawyer he puts in another excellent performance. The only blur in an otherwise good film is Amirta Rao. She just about manages in a role which requires her to show more grit. A special mention for Saurabh Shukla for a charming performance as Justice Tripathi. He ideally represents two sides of the same coin.
Kudos to Subhash Kapoor for following up Phas Gaye Re Obama with another intelligent film. The film does leave you with many haunting questions. Is law beyond the reach of the downtrodden.. ? What about the many loopholes which serve as escape points for the super rich.. ?  Is there a solution in place for the inequality in the legal system.. ? 
There’s just one scene which sums up the whole movie. After the final verdict is given Irani retorts angrily “This verdict will not hold for even two minutes in a higher court. I will go to the supreme court”. This ultimately means the rich have a breather and they can just bend the law until they get what they want. When will this end …? 
Jolly LLB is jolly good fun!