All of us like cheering for the underdog. He is someone whom nobody expects to win but if and when he finally does we all end up feeling good. Most of wander around looking for a purpose until we reach a point where we have nothing to lose.. Ethir Neechal works around this premise. Ethir neechal has everything working for it to please the masses. The story is briskly paced with a talented lead at the helm.
Siva Karthikayen the new kid it in the block. In a way the story is similar to his own rise to the top. From a stand up comedian to a popular tv anchor and finally a film hero. Well done Siva. His humour is spontaneous and there is a certain likeability about him which helps the film in a big way. The director rightly brings out the best of his comic talent. 
Priya Anand is impressive in a cute role and plays the perfect foil to Siva. But the real surprise packages of the film are actors Nandita and Sathish. Nandita gives in a mature performance in an understated role. In a role which requires a lot of depth Nandita excels. Sathish plays Siva’s partner in crime and the two leave you in splits all through the first half. Two worthy finds for Tamil Cinema.
Anirudh’s music adds face value to the film and he proves that Kolaveri was no flash in the pan. R.S Senthilkumar another director from Vetrimaran’s camp does a neat job in packaging the story with the right ingredients. A good start. Hopefully he’s not a one hit wonder.
This is another film which leaves us questioning the system and the rich vs poor divide. Money acts as monster in ruining many a lives. But if we can work towards our goal with the right attitude and spirit then our time will come. Ethir neechal once again reinstates this important message.

PS: Watch out for delightful cameos from DHANUSH, NAYANTHARA, ANIRUDH and ATTAKATHI Dinesh.
Ethir Neechal – One for the Masses!