This is one review which was long due. I saw DJANGO a while back but it still remains fresh in my memory. There are some things which are a given in a typical QUENTIN TARANTINO movie – gunshots, violence, blood and a rebel fighting against the system. It’s all there but still he knows how to present it with a certain amount of freshness so as to keep the viewer glued.
Now to the plot РA slave goes in search of his wife aided by a bounty hunter. A one line narrative beautifully presented. We all know what a great actor Jamie Foxx is and he proves it once again in Django. He literally carries the film on his shoulders and exudes coolness despite the grimness of the subject. He makes the last half of the film his very own stage to showcase his brilliance.
Leonardo Di Caprio – Another capable actor who plays his part with relative ease. Here he gets to play a negative role and does so in his own inimitable style.
I am not sure why he’s been repeatedly snubbed at the OSCARS probably because of his good looks which overshadow his brilliant performances.
Christoph Waltz – He plays an able foil to Jamie Foxx and serves as a worthy addition to the film. He puts in a very layered and delicate performance which has deservingly won him accolades at various awards.
Tarantino – What can u say ? The master of cool. Someone who knows how to present a spicy dish with just the right amount of sweetness. He does a great job in bringing the best out a talented cast. Well done.
A special mention must be made of the music which complements the film perfectly.
PS: The final scene reminded me of TAMIL SUPERSTAR RAJNIKANTH