Telugu cinema – An industry where filmmakers are well known for their masala potboilers. Hence I was a bit skeptic when I sat down to watch SVSC… Is it going to be another typical telugu movie with slam bang action and songs or is there something different in store..? Of course the primary reason for watching SVSC was to see two big stars MAHESH BABU and VENKATESH share screen space together.
The plot – A tale of two brothers and their bonding with each other. The movie starts out slow and lacks pace but it has it’s graceful moments and gets the message across. 
It is so good to see MAHESH BABU in a subdued role sans the usual action and he underplays his part well. Venkatesh plays a role which he is accustomed to and it is a cakewalk for him. The real revelation in the film though is Anjali . She makes her own mark despite the presence of a galaxy of stars. Prakash Raj comes up with another mature performance as person who sees the goodness in everyone. The casting is just perfect. 
We often run around in pursuit of money and material but fail to see the essence of life. And the film serves as an apt reminder that being good and spreading happiness has it’s own rewards. Kudos to director Srikanth Adala for presenting a neat film with a powerful message.
SVSC – It’s one for the whole family.