“I am getting married” It was my cousin Ezhil informing the good news at midnight. We converse over the phone and she tells me his name “VIJAY”. Being actor Vijay’s fan back then I was instantly impressed. She mails me his photo… He was smart alright but I didn’t want to rush to conclusions before meeting him in person.
I somehow miss out meeting him on the big day. Semester exams be damned! I wait for one more week to meet the newly wedded couple. One of the longest waits of my life. The week flies by and I rush home.
The big moment arrives. My sis introduces us to each other and he gives me a big broad smile. Right then I knew my sister was blessed.
VIJAY- How do I describe him? I have seldom seen someone like him and I doubt if I will ever come across a personality like him again. You just cannot stop liking him. He draws you in like a magnet. Once you get to know him u just have no other option other than reciprocate his pleasant attitude. And the best thing about him – He always takes the first step in making you comfortable. Over the years he’s turned out to be a good friend and a perfect gift to my dear sis.
There’s always chaos in our life. But people like VIJAY still keep reminding me why life is still ONE BIG BLESSING for all of us.