I still remember the first time I met JEAN…. during her engagement to MARIN.. She was all grace personified. No showy airs… Just simple elegance and they made a picture perfect couple together. I do wish there are more brides like her these days.
She complemented Marin’s calm nature in more ways than one. Despite all this I was a little cautious. I wasn’t sure how she would react to my closeness to MARIN… But then I saw a PATTERN..
A pattern which took me back to my school days and reminded me of JEAN’s better half… It’s a known fact that me and my cousin bro share a close bond.. But there was a time when we rarely talked. He was in his teens and me still a kid in school. He would be all silent at home which made me wonder” Does he ever talk”. I guess age played it’s part.. But over time we developed a close bond.
She rarely talked during our first few meetings except for the occasional smile. It did seem like history was repeating itself. But I realized something. Even she was a newcomer to our family and needed a little more to time to warm up to me. As time flew by she became one of us and a very special member of our fun gang.
There’s always an inherent sense of calmness about her which I admire a lot… An elegant. silence.. A very special and beautiful trait and she’s given me one of my most important lessons. A lesson which will hold good for years to come – The value of time in a relationship
When someone new comes into ur life don’t jump to conclusions.. Give him/her time to know you and warm up to you. You may be in for a pleasant surprise