The whole American Media went gaga over SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK and it made me wonder.. So much hype for a romantic comedy.. Oh wait there has been plenty before.. Haven’t we all grown up adoring Meg Ryan in HARRY MET SALLY and SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE. So what was so different about SILVER LININGS.. It made me a little curious.
The plot – A romantic relationship between two imperfect people sugar coated with just the right amount of sweetness. The initial few minutes were a drag.. Did I make a mistake in opting for this movie. I hoped not. After a frustrating few minutes the wait was over.. The introduction of the heroine – JENNIFER LAWRENCE.
Oh what a performance.. She just lights up the whole movie with her raw energy and amazing screen presence. As a widow and a recovering sex addict she just carries the whole movie on her young shoulders. It was so good to see a heroine kick ass just by talking rubbish. I am not sure if it’s an Oscar worthy performance but it’s her best till date.
Bradley Cooper plays an able foil to the dominating Jennifer. The sheer chemistry between the two leads makes it worth the watch.  If ever there was an award for the most likable cast SILVER LININGS would win hands down.. There’s the ever reliable Robert De Niro, the adorable Jacki Weaver, Chris Tucker, Julia Stiles along with our very own Anupam Kher.. The perfect cast to support the two leads.
David O Russell follows up THE FIGHTER with another worthy effort.
SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK  –  Charmingly adorable!