They say love just happens. You don’t plan to fall for somebody.. I think even a good friendship works that way. You don’t plan to be somebody’s friend not if you want it to last.. It just has to come from the heart.
How should I put it? Should I call it fate or should I call it destiny? It is just amazing how God sends someone just in time to mend the broken pieces of our life. Of course my whole life was a mess before she came into my life. I was still recovering from the scars of dad’s death not knowing what to do. And everything seemed like a question without answers. Where was the inspiration I so badly needed? Oh God please don’t do this to me.
Boom! And there she was like God’s perfect answer with that cute bubbly smile of hers. Could a smile change a life? It did change mine. That smile was so reassuring that it helped me get things back on track. It gave me something even more valuable than love. A friend whom I can really count on. 
It is said a good friend who would stand by you is priceless. And she really is one of those priceless gems you rarely come across these days. She made me realize that not being perfect can be good. Both of us have different lives with different aspirations. But beyond our differences we have the warmth of a good friendship between us and it is something I will always treasure while it lasts.. Atleast till the day she walks down the aisle with the person she is destined to be with for the rest of her life.