Salesh Dipak Fernando


Differently Abled… The word coined for people like me. Not a single day goes by without me being reminded that I am different. Is it a sin to be born different? I hope not. Was it my fault that I had a default glitch within me? An unwanted scar. A scar for a lifetime.
Some days serve as a constant reminder.  When people just stare at me without even understanding how I would feel. And the worst part most of them don’t even take an effort to know the person that I am. Is physical appearance everything? If so where is the genuine warmth and affection that I yearn for each day?
It seems like one mad race to the finish line. And I feel left behind. Walking all alone falling along the way. Will be there be someone to guide me along the way? Only questions linger. Questions for which I desperately need answers.
Despite the day to day struggle there is something which keeps me going. HOPE.. HOPE for a brighter tomorrow. A belief that I will find answers along the way even if it means fighting a lone battle. The Tortoise did win the race.. So will I . Maybe someday the clouds of struggle will part.. 






  1. You are not alone and you are surely not differently abled….in my eyes you are specially abled, I am 100% sure that there will be so many things that you can do that I cannot even think of…let those who want to stare carry on, if possible educate those who are receptive and never give up…..kudos to you for the blog

  2. Hope will always be there. People – no. Just do what you do best buddy and everything will be fine. The same people will be queuing for an autograph or an interview when you achieve that goal you are working towards

  3. Why expect people to understand. Be your biggest pillar. Love yourself and the world can just vanish away! You are special. 🙂

  4. We all are differently abled… we should be… shouldn’t we? They look at you and stare at you because they know that you are better than them and about hope… yes there is always hope…. and I would like to bring a personal experience here that people who are physically not that abled are very good motivators… and while reading you… i felt that you are also one of them 🙂

  5. It demands courage to write this post and I am happy you are proud who you are as a human beings. One needs to ignore people with such myopic view and shortsightedness. I don’t think you are different but you are yourself as a human being.
    Keep rocking

  6. You are a blessed child, Salesh and I am proud to have you as a friend. When my ankle was ffractured, I was wearing a walking plaster with special boots. The way people looked at me was heartbreaking. I had cried many days, wondering why was I treated like this. I questionedthe society which wanted everything so perfect. You have touched a very raw nerve….and now it is time for me to confess something….on my blog…
    Will do it soon
    Hugs da

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