Ben Affleck’s earlier venture THE TOWN was smartly made which made me eagerly look forward to the release of ARGO as well. And boy it kept me hooked right from start to finish. There is always certain astuteness in Ben Affleck’s directorial ventures and it comes to the fore once again in ARGO.
The film starts off with the Iranian Hostage Crisis and slowly shifts focus to the six U.S Diplomats who are forced to safeguard themselves in a hostile environment and how they are eventually rescued by CIA Operative Tony Mendez and his CIA team.
The pacing of the film is excellent and keeps us to the edge of our seats till the very end. Ben Affleck as Tony Mendez is excellent and underplays his part to perfection. He ably supported by Alan Arkins and the rest of the cast who shine in their respective roles. Ben Affleck’s direction is top notch and he follows up The Town with another gem. Hope this is just the beginning. 
The film is not without flaws though. The movie which is supposed to be based on true events completely ignores the role of Canada in the rescue of diplomats. Another major drawback was showcasing the whole of Iran in bad light.
Despite the above mentioned flaws the movie is a must watch for its sheer entertainment value. Go for it!