It’s always good to save the best for last… So let me round it off with the best part of my DELOITTE tenure…My BOSTON TEAM..

BOSTON always evokes fond memories. My very first day on the floor… I was just standing there staring not knowing where to go and then I hear the instruction ” U’re a part of Kishore’s team” It all begun there. My long cherished dream of being a part of Deloitte.
After the formal team meeting the first two hours pass by.. It’s exactly 5.12 on my watch. The entire team goes for a break… Someone in light green T- Shirt walks up to me and says “We are all going for a break Would you like to join us” That’s the very first time I notice him… NANDAMURI… SURYAPRAKASH NANDAMURI.
My team was a diverse mix of characters. Kishore our TL the perfectionist… He wouldn’t leave you until you get it right.. Srinivas the pillar SURYA, SANDEEP and MANSOOR the Mr Nice Guys… Vijetha the DON… Suhail the software expert. He was the go to man if there was a software glitch. And 9 times out of ten he would get right. And then we had K…kiran the creative guy and Shakti the tax wizard.
 The Jaans or should I call them the The Three Musketeers of our team. Kavitha,Rithika and VL.. Wait did I just type VL. How do I start with her ? She was a chatterbox. Constantly talking How could someone talk so much? I guess that’s her. Kavitha – I still fondly remember her as the FB spoc and Rithika – the girl with the smile.
Then we had the damn lucky CSR guys… Komal, Rohit Farhan,Navin and Tinu. Who else gets six months of training or should I call it six months of honeymoon period.
We all had our differences. But what made us a perfect was the fact that we were able to accept the differences and gel together as a team. Despite what happened towards the end. All I carry with are just sweet memories.