Erin… Erin Rogers…It was right after Lisa left the firm that I got my very first opportunity to work with Erin.. A young senior brimming with youthful enthusiasm and energy. We started off on the right note from day one.
She always knew how to get things done. I call it the Erin way. Even wen I used to worry about the project from my end she would calmly say ” Not to worry it will eventually get done” and she was right. She always came across as someone who was self assured and so sure of herself.
Another quality which impressed me was her ability to empathize. She could always relate to staff was going through. Believe me there are very few people who really empathize and she was one of them. We shared a great working relationship and we were good friends too.
And I never knew Erin and Lisa were the best of friends which was like a perfect icing on the cake!