It was during one of my initial projects in DELOITTE that she came into the picture… BG MEDICINE… Exit Laura Robbins on her long maternity leave… Enter LISA CHUNG as my senior…And to date she’s remained one of the best seniors I had the opportunity of working with.
She had this way of making things easy for the staff before they take up a project. It was like peeling off and handing just the fruit. All you had to do was to taste the fruit. Everything was so structured and smooth. And she all the answers ready .. Whatever the query she would revert back immediately in writing without any hesitation.
But I got to know her more as a person only after my DELOITTE DAYS.. She was one of a kind always smiling and chirpy. Supremely confident of herself… And these are qualities which have rubbed off on me too. Getting to know her is one thing I will never ever regret.
PS. I still remember the DCW tips she gave me!